8/8 7am SYR-ORD-MTJ UA2206 UA5917


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UAL2206 07:00 08:04 SYR ORD

At SYR, decent weather, good takeoff, climb out lightly bumpy to good. Lightly bumpy ride to smooth ride over to ORD. Just short of ORD, a bit of weather nearby but not overhead, light to moderate on descent, and lightly bumpy landing.

UAL5917 09:40 11:45 ORD MTJ

At ORD, hopefully weather still holding off, lightly bumpy takeoff and a bit of light to moderate on climb out. A line of weather and light to moderate to pass through about Iowa or so, smoothing out for a decent remainder of the flight. Lightly bumpy descent into MTJ, lightly bumpy landing. Nice weather there!