9/12 1:05pm MTJ-ORD-LHR UA3671 UA931


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Headed over the pond for the first time in 2 years. Hoping for a decent ride.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, this is for UAL3671 13:05 16:56 MTJ ORD

At MTJ, weather is good, good takeoff, good climb. Good flight over to ORD, but a unusual area of moderate-severe for lower descent altitudes currently west of ORD. You may catch some of these bumps on descent into ORD, but giving way to a good landing.

UAL931 20:00 09:35 ORD LHR

At ORD, weather still nice, good takeoff, perhaps a rough patch on climb out. Majority of the flight looks good, smooth to lightly bumpy. About an hour west of LHR, moderately bumpy may begin at altitude, but perhaps not until you start descent. Descent might be a little rough, moderately bumpy, a bigger bump or two, giving way to a good landing.