9/19 7:55am LAX-BOS DL454


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Hi… long time! Hope you’re doing well.

Off to Boston tomorrow morning on a Delta 757. Hoping for a good ride - doesn’t look too bad to me, but would appreciate your thoughts as always.



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Hi, welcome back. Here's DAL454 07:55 16:22 LAX BOS

At LAX, fine weather, good takeoff, a bit of light on climb. Ride is mixed I would say, occasional light to moderate through to about just east of Colorado, a bit of a break mid US, and then occasional light to moderate (but more on the occasional side) over the Ohio valley area. Light to moderate on descent into BOS, but giving way to a good landing.

I'm still here, but I hired someone to write a lot of the forecasts by email, so I'm less involved in the day to day these days. I can't believe I've been doing this for so long! almost 17 years. That's a lot in dog/internet years!


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17 years?! That's amazing - and you're right, unheard of in the internet world :)

Flight was pretty good thanks. Tiny bumps for a chunk of it, but really nothing bad. The 'worst' was over Milwaukee area which was honestly light to moderate. Overall not bad at all.

Thanks again!