9/21 3:35pm ORD-MTJ UA5642


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Hi, no can do, looks fairly bumpy.

UAL5642 15:35 17:40 ORD MTJ

Stormy and windy out of ORD, moderately bumpy takeoff and climb out. Remains light to moderate through mid Kansas, you might get a break for a while, then moderately bumpy descent at MTJ, good landing.


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As it happened, it did indeed start to rain buckets as we got in line to take off from ORD, and the seatbelts remained on for nearly an hour, but it was really only slightly bumpy.

What did get interesting was the initial descent. The pilot warned everyone it was going to be "a little bumpy" but not too bad, but I imagine it might have been mod+. We got bounced around significantly, people gasped and held on to armrests, and one man had a full-on panic attack. The pilot made an apology announcement when it smoothed out, saying it was significantly worse than reports suggested it would be. I didn't look at flightaware but we seemed to approach from much farther north than I've ever experienced.

Thanks for the forecast!