9/22 650AM PIT-DTW-LAS DL5744 DL804


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Still 20 hours out on this one but not looking great with a front sitting right over Pittsburgh and Detroit. Lots of rain, and some wind forecasted. And appears to be a lot of turbulence potential. :( Would love your thoughts on this trip. Thanks!


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Hi, DAL5744 06:50 07:57 PIT DTW

Rainy, possible stormy weather out of PIT, light to moderate on takeoff and climb out. Light to moderate weather caused first, then clear air west of that. Moderately bumpy descent into DTW, up to a moderately bumpy landing.

Then DTW LAS. Bumpy takeoff and climb, moderately bumpy, might be a bit heavy until just west of Michigan, then the rest looks fairly good. Good descent turning lightly bumpy due to high heat at LAS.

So, Michigan is a problem tomorrow! Sorry about that! What can you do though. We have flood watches here.


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Thanks for that forecast! That system was definitely giving me a bit of worry. The forecast was spot on! Once we were west of Wisconsin/Illinois it was the smoothest flight I've ever been on. Not a cloud to be seen between there and Las Vegas....strange! Prior to that bumpy but never more than slight/moderate. Thanks again Peter. Stay well! JEFF