9/23 6:00AM PIT-ATL-EYW DL1392 DL2182


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Hello! Was hoping to see an increase in activity since my last visit but doesn't seem to be the case. Bummer. Delta did an amazing job and we felt pretty comfortable last month. So grabbing the masks and hand sanitizer to head down to the Keys for some sun and relaxation.

It doesn't look to bad from what I was looking at, but it's also more than 12 hours away. Thank you as always for any insight and forecast!


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Hi, this is for DL1392 06:00 07:35 PIT ATL

At PIT, good weather, good takeoff, bit of light to moderate on climb out. Flight is light to moderate at first, for the first half, smoothing out for a nice ride for the second half. Good descent and landing into ATL, but a little bit of light bounce in the clouds.

For DAL2182 09:43 11:30 ATL EYW

Good takeoff, a bit of light bounce in the clouds of ATL. A bit of light to moderate on descent, but really on the landing, a little coastal windy. Not too bad.

sounds like a fun trip, have twice as much fun and send some my way