August 4: ORD to LAX, wheels-up at Noon


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Flight report ORD to LAX

Flight report ORD to LAX

Boarded a 767-300 that was recently refurbished with an updated interior. I was suprised to see that my seat was 2C, which was in a first class sleeper. There were 3 rows of first class, with 3 sleeper seats in each row. I peeked at business class, I it looked very very nice.

As I sat down, I kept asking myself why did I bother to take any other flight when I head back to LA? I'm guessing theat United recently introduced this updated plane into the rotation.

Wheels-up at about 8:22 local time. Quasi-foggy morning at ORD, but clearing up quickly at game-time. Lift-off was very very smooth, and the climb-out was unremarkable.

Pilot did not opt to turn on Channel 9, but that was ok, as I was more interested in checking out the entertainment system, and I found the recent Star Trek movie as my choice.

Just as we were settling in, we started with some light chop. Light chop turned into moderate chop, and the crew needed to sit down. Not a good sign, but the crew looked pretty calm. Pilot got on the horn and told us that there was a weather system to the south that was creating issues with the wind patterns. The pilot played with a few different altitudes, but there would be no magic bullets today.

So we all rocked around a bit for maybe 45 minutes. I'm sure the folks in the back of the aircraft we really bouncing around. Things are a lot different when you are horizental in first class, watching a choice movie and munching on tasty pineapple.

Landed a bit ahead of schedule. The plane made a bit of a bizzare manuever about 20 miles east of LAX which got my attention. Hard to explain it, and I noted it seemed to suprise one of the crew. But it was a good landing, a decent flight and a great aircraft.