Beautiful -- and smooth -- ride EWR to PTY


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So in the spirit of posting when flying is great, here goes:

Sunday 21 August, morning flight from EWR to Panama City. I got a complimentary upgrade and so was in a window seat, which normally I don't take as I like to be able to get up. First good omen was my seatmate liked to get up giving me a chance to do the same every couple of hours.

All the window shades were shut tight but was a glorious day with all sorts of skyscapes going on. A meadow or two to fly over, several layers of flat clouds far many thousands of feet separating them, clouds like watchtowers and terriers and whatever else.

The very best part was flying over what I can only assume was the Gulf Stream. It was a band of turquoise water quite distinct from the surrounding waters. Sometimes there were islands, but mostly not -- I can't quite figure out the route we took, and there was no flight tracker (I am another flyer obsessed with these). A whole host of small clouds cast shadows on the water -- at first they looked like islands. Stunning.

Toward the descent we encountered rather a lot of darker clouds. The captain told the flight attendants to prepare the cabin, everyone sit down, including the FAs, in preparation for some "bad weather" we were about to encounter. Too good to be true, this flight, or so I thought.

No bumps. Not even little shudders. It was great. All that panic for nothing.

So when it's good it can be great. Would that all our flights were like this.