Chicago to Dulles, 12/16, wheels-up at 1pm


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I think it will be 'ok'. Winds should be much less in ORD tomorrow, and the maps suggest a lightening of turbulence. Some light bumps possible.


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Flight report

Flight report

i cancelled the 1pm flight, and substituted for a 9am flight out of O'Hare. it looks like the flight (an Airbus 320) was delayed, as it looked as though there was icing on some of the control surfaces. so out comes the machine and they did their magic. we finally take-off at 10am. the flight was just a bit bumpy, not too bad. luckily, channel 9 was turned on, so i was able to figure out the score. the pilot was very interested in making up for lost time, so we came into the dulles area a bit hot anyhow, not a bad flight.