Crossing the Mid Atlantic in December


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i'm thinking of taking a trip from Europe (FRA) to Florida in December.

If i'm going its likely i take the Lufthansa Flight from FRA to MCO and since this normally goes straight across the Atlantic from Europe. So i wonder if you guys have any experience how its normally going this time of the year. Is it more likely this is going to be a bumpy trip given storms and what not and so not the best time of the year or is this just as any other time of the year a matter of luck, route etc :)



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I think it would be likely to be a little more smoother than if you flew say FRA to JFK, but it's largely a matter of luck. It could be super nice, or there could be weather and turbulent jet streams in the way. My advice to you is to book it and try not to worry about it. At least you'll have the site and be prepared when it comes time.