Current Turbulence Patterns


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Have you noticed the AIRMET and SIGMET map has been less active as of late? For awhile there it seemed that about 90% of US was under a AIRMET warning, and now it seems more scattered.

Is this normal for this time of year? Is North America moving out of it's winter jet pattern or is it just a fluke...?


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As we get closer to summer, the jet stream moves up to the north, and things are fairly calm in the US. This is exactly what happened, as you guessed, for a while, the jet stream did move up to the north and things were calm. It looked like summer for a bit.

In the summer, it's usually pretty smooth up at attitude, although storms are a problem. At landing and take off, it can be an adventure in PHX and LAS due to heat.

Like anything off, it's a bunch of trade offs.