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After flying to XNA on the 21Dec (light turbulence half way to IAH and smooth to XNA) I was penssive about my return flight because I knew of the wintery weather over entire western half of the U.S. I was at the rear of the 737-800 with light turbulence (feeling moderate) all the way until the northern part of New Mexico. At this point, fortunately, I was able to move up front (switching seats as a favor for someone) before the moderate mountain wave over Utah started in. We had to descend (according the pilots) all the way down to FL260 for the duration of the flight because everybody was reporting bumpy rides above. I am glad that the pilots communicated with us and let us know what was going on. Needless to say, at FL260, passing the Sierra's is quite interesting! It finally smoothed out about 20 minutes before landing with the final descent and approach being what I like - smooth with a great landing!
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