Does Time of Day Matter?


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Assuming all other things being equal, is a flight from point A to point B likely to be more turbulence in the evening, vs. first thing in the morning.

Flying in several weeks from NYC across the Rocky Mountains. Flown this route a handful of times, always after 4p.m. Always turbulent.

I read that air, weather, jetstream, etc "kicks up" throughout the day from the time the sun rises so that a earlier flight is more likely to be smooth.

Is that true, again assuming all other things being equal?



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Yep. Sun creates heat, more energy, more bumps, all other things being equal.


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Assuming all other things being equal (and excluding regional factors), yes. The heat from the sun creates updrafts..the longer this goes on, the more likely there will be turbulence. Usually the lowest levels or turbulence are early in the morning after it has been cool all night and has not warmed up yet. Evening is not the same because of the heat from the day and its effects can persist for several hours.