Dulles to LAX, 12/17, wheels up at 1230pm


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Tricky forecast. Depending on your flight path, there could be just periods of light, or some periods of light to moderate.


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Flight report

Flight report

Departed on time, flying a 757-200 on United. This turned out to be almost a 6 hour flight, due to head winds. Flight was decent for the first 90 minutes, then we hit some modest bumps, and we upped the cruise altitude to 32K. Things smoothed out fairly well until we were about 200 miles east of LAX. Must have hit the artic weather front that is going through LAX. In any event, the bumps were big, side-to-side and up-and-down. The pilot made the flight attendents sit down for about 30 minutes. This time, we landed at LAX from the west (usually at LAX you shoot in from the east) as we crusied beyond downtown, and made the big turn over the ocean. Not a horrible flight, but 6 hours is enough for one day!