Edmonton to vegas


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Thank you so much for this site. I didn't mind flying until last summer when a flight I was on had to turn around due to losing cabin pressure. We were climbing then nosediving to get down and know I am scared. I fly about once a month between Edmonton and Las Vegas. Usually a smooth flight any thoughts on that flight if it has ever experienced major turbulence? I am flying WestJet?


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Sometimes it takes that ONE bad flight to activate your fear of flying.

I never had a problem or fear of flying but due to ONE bad flight going from Arizona to NY my fear of flying was activated. On this flight the plane bounced around the whole entire time and the pilot never came over the PA to say a word.

It took a couple of smooth successive flights and this website to help me be more calm on a flights.

Knowing there is going to be some turbulance on your flight is very helpful.