European Adventure

Hello! I just saw the previous thread from a few months ago and noticed that nobody had ever responded to it. I figured I'd start it out. :) (Better late than never I suppose)...

My name is John and I live in Orlando, Florida. I've spent the better part of the past couple years traveling around Europe and I have now been to every single country over there!

I have tons of travel blogs and photos of my travel which I had finally tried to include in a personal website:

There, you can find a travel section which breaks down the travel by country - and within that country you can see some of the photos I took along with whatever travel summary I wrote about my time there. I've certainly had some interesting and scary moments, especially as I traveled around eastern Europe.

Enjoy the site!

- John


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Great site. If you had managed to part the red sea though, we would have been in trouble!