Feb. 7th Delta 90 Incheon to Narita 172 Narita to NYC Kennedy 2407 New York to DTW


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Returning from Asia to Michigan in 30 hours, please forecast. Planes are different than out trip which was a glorious 777. Please let me know what to expect as soon as possible. Thanks! Leaving 11am, 2:30pm, and 6:30 pm respectively.


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As far as I can see at this point: Some bumps out of ICN and overhead Japan/into NRT. NRT-JFK first part light-moderate and south of Anchorage light/moderate as well as and also into JFK. Equipment B744 which handles turbulence a lot better then B777 especially in the back of the plane. JFK-DTW will probably have some bumps pretty much all the way but at this point hard to say. If there is some change I'll come back to you but I have to fly myself today as well..