Flying to Hawaii


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I live in Edmonton, Alberta and my fear of flying is preventing me from going to destinations that I would love to go to. Is there any truth to the fact that flying to Hawaii, mostly over the ocean, would experience any more surprises than flying over land?


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I really don't think it makes that much of a difference. I think it's just a longer flight, psychologically, which makes a difference.


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Hi there - I hope my post can help put your fears at rest. I was an avid flyer (probably 20 - 25K miles per year) until 9/11. After that you'd be hard pressed to put me on a plane unless a friendship or job was on the line if I didn't take the flight. It wasn't the terrorists, I guess it was the images of the planes crashing. I knew it was irrational and I did get on about one flight per year untl 2006 when I booked a flight, took vacation time, had my husband put in for vacation and then on the morning of the flight, after we packed I just could not bring myself to get on that plane. Anyway, I say this because I bought a great book called "This is Your Captain Speaking" which really helped me. I can't remember the author but I'm sure if you look it up online you'll find it. I took one flight with the book in my lap (a short 2 hour flight) and read along so it could show me what noise was what and probably re-read the chapter on turbulence about 5x on that flight to put my fears at rest. It worked for me, hopefully something similar can work for you.

Now on to Hawaii. This is the flight that "somehow" I was always able to get on ;). The least turbulent flights I've had were to and from Hawaii and I just went this past month and had not even a bump, smooth sailing. For me, my worst experiences have been in Texas.

Good luck to you, I hope you can get on a plane and enjoy that aloha spirit.