Flying to Las Vegas from Chicago/always rough?


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I'm flying to Vegas next weekend and we haven't been there in almost 11 years. I remember our flight all those years ago being bumpy, and I'm wondering if there's always turbulence when flying between the Midwest to the West Coast because of flying over the Rockies??? My parents flew there last month and had a very bad turbulent flight on the way home.

Vegas is so much fun, but I'm dreading the almost 4 hour flight from O'Hare!:frown:


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Yep, it's certainly the mountains. I wouldn't say there's always turbulence, but it's certainly more likely on that route.


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Landing in Vegas is always a treat. I've only had one flight, out of dozens, that wasn't bumpy at all. It's the mountains around the city. I always have said Denver and Vegas are the bumpiest places to land in.


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Too late for the origina poster, but I've made a handful of roundtrips to Denver from the East Coast and onto Vail (so, over the rockies though maybe a different route than Chicago to Vegas). Not sure whether just coincidence, but the earlier the flight the luckier i've been! Seems to be true in general. Harder to get going in the early morning, especially with kids, but often worth it. Just completed a roundtrip from NY to Seattle (no rockies!) and outbound 7:40 a.m. flight was much better (tho still some pockets of light to moderate) than bumpier return flight in the afternoon.