How come the prediction shows light to med turb when weather is clear?


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Yes, agreed, but I'm just trying to understand the weather phenomena that causes this and how/why it is forecasted...

I'm certainly no expert, nor do I claim to be, but I know that I've flown on perfectly clear days when the turbulence was constant and uncomfortable, just like I've flown in cloudy, rainy weather when the ride was smooth as silk. It all has to do with the winds and air currents way up there. My understanding is that when you look at the map with the high and low pressure systems marked on it, the closer those lines are together, the stronger the winds and air currents are. The farther they are apart, the calmer the winds and air currents are. Right now, the eastern half of the United States is ruled by high pressure, and the lines are very far apart. I think that's why we're seeing a 2 for turbulence on the front page for the US and very few reports of turbulence at the moment. I could be totally wrong there though, so please ignore or correct me if that is the case.


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Best way to visualize it. Find a river that's moving at a decent clip. You'll see it can be fast and smooth, or when it washes over the rocks, it can be fast moving and turbulent.