How to avoid turbulence flying into Grand Junction, CO...take southern route?? HELP!


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Hi there,

OK so two years ago in December I flew from Newark, NJ to Denver, CO then connected on either I think a Dash 8 or Airbus 320 (United). It had propellers and :frown:

I am headed out there to Grand Junction, CO again but this time next month (August 2011). My friends are trying to advise to avoid Rockies or I guess the high altitudes of Rockies by flying from Newark to Dallas then Dallas into Grand Junction. Would this help?

Please advise because I can't find any routes or help or discussions on this flight.



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Grand Junction doesn't sound like a big airport to me, so propeller equipment flying there is probably inevitable...Flying via Dallas is not helping as well, a lot of mountains on that route too...
If you really want to avoid the prop, fly to Denver, rent a car or go by train (if any) or bus to Grand Junction...By car about 4 hours and it looks like a nice scenery as well. Idea?


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Hi there,

I live in Montrose, a smaller town south of Grand Junction. Regional jets are more common from Grand Junction these days it seems (though the Dash 8 is still around here and there), so I'd check the flight options and look for one of those. The bottom line is, with Junction being in a bit of a valley, you might get some winds on descent no matter which direction you're coming from. The good news, at least, is that our windy season is over for the year! Hope this helps!

Also, absolutely DO NOT take Amtrak from DEN to Junction. It regularly takes 7+ hours to make what is basically a 4 hour drive, and it nearly always arrives late. If you have to avoid the flight, I'd go with a cheap rental car and do the drive yourself.

Good luck!