Iad-ord-vhhh 11/21 Vhhh-nrt-iad 11/29


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Hi Guys, Back home a day ago. Long flights short stays in Hong Kong.

IAD-ORD UAL115(767-300) Little or no turbulence during 80% of flight. Only LGT turbulence into ORD. landing was smooth - Female Captain

ORD-VHHH UAL895(747-400) Take-off was delayed about 40mins due to weather and traffics. LGT turbulence during take-off from ORD, part of Canada, part of Russia, most of China. landing was also smooth - Female Captain again.:D

VHHH-NRT UAL/ANA NH912(767-300) take off from Hong Kong was very smooth, from Taiwan to Toyko was LGT turbulence 80% time.

NRT-IAD UAL804(777-200) The entire flight was hit and miss with LGT turbulence, guess it's the usual jetstream over the Pacific. LGT turbulence was all over from NW Canada to IAD.

During all the flight on UAL. I was listening to channel 9(Flight deck line) and hearing pilots from all airlines asking and reporting their rides to ATC. I never knew they talk this much, guess it's a good thing for the nervous flyers out there.