Landing in Berlin on new years day with 7bft (gusts up to 55km/h)


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What should I expect from a landing in a windy condition, about 50km/h (gusts) ?
depends on the direction?
(Berlin on the morning of 1/1)


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Hi. Most of the flight looks good. I looked at the weather in Berlin and I don't see anything unusual in terms of winds, just around 20mph with gusts about 30mph according to Ventusky. Most of the flight looks fine, just the final approach might be lightly to moderately bumpy. Nothing to worry about!

Let us know how it goes and happy new year.


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Hello, that one was worse than expected. Again looking at it in retrospect it was probably just light (the seat belt was constantly off) above the Greek mountains (and the partly the Balkan ones) where we felt it. I wonder if it's the ground morphology? The skies were clear and we could see the snowy mountains.

Then the landing was definitely woobly. There was wind pushing us (southwest wind) which became noticeable in the last 10k feet or so.

I do this route frequently (well, for my standards and I would be interested to study a bit the flight path and figure out what to expect when)