Local Flight up North Michigan


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I just got back from visiting the parents up in Michigan. One of my goals has been to buzz my grandpa's house like he used to do to us when we were kids. I finally received my Pilot's certificate in January, and I was lucky enough to find a plane for rent not too far away from their house. It was an old Beech Musketeer, but it was perfect for the day. Weather was nice, sunny, with scattered clouds at 060. Temperature was a nice 65 degrees. It was a little windy which made for some chop, but I was so thrilled to be up there that I didn't even care. I ended up landing at a little airport close to the house and took each of the family up for a ride and a little aerial tour of the area, and especially over the house. Here are a few pictures from the flight:
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Great story! I enjoyed reading it : ) Also I love the pictures, if you take more flights please post more pictures from them.