Major Euro Airports- any better or worse?


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Doing my first transcontinental flight! I'm going to be visiting many places in Europe so could start the journey at a variety of different airports with non-stops from US. Once I get over there hoping to stick with trains :)

Are any of the major airports known for being better/worse for turbulence / challenging landings/T.O.s either b/c of geography or weather patterns?

London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, Brussels, Paris are all possibilities, tho London is the cheapest. Obviously the weather can always change, but since I have options, I'd like not to end up accidently choosing the European version of our turbulence magnets like Denver and Albuquerque.

Heading over in early April, so more jet-stream than thunderstorms to contend with then, coming back in early July so going to try to leave as early in the AM as possible to avoid storms best we can on the way back.

Didn't find any prior posts on search, but if this has been asked before feel free to just direct to link.

Thanks very much!


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I'd book on price and appeal of the destination, not turbulence. Takeoff and landing are such a short phase of the flight that it doesn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.


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I'm actually more surprised that London is the cheapest! That's very unusual. as with tb, I say go where you find most appealing. Frankfurt is a large airport and a bit chaotic in my experience. I flew into Munich this week for the first time, and it is a really nice airport and easy to navigate. Haven't got out much in the area yet, but there's lots to do here, and you can easily do day trips to Salzburg, Innsbrook and other areas. Next week heading to Vienna and Prague, so I am looking forward to getting to do some fun things in the region!

Good luck and let us know where you picked. I think you'll love Europe.