New App - My Sky Guru


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Hey guys! Have you tried this new app? Seems pretty good. According to the website, "It downloads professional aeronautic information and uses complicated mathematical models before the flight. Inflight, SkyGuru predicts and explains all the processes, unfamiliar sounds and even your sensations using the sensors of your iPhone. You will be amazed how accurate SkyGuru can predict all flight stages and processes."

The free version gives you information about how your flight is going to be, with aviation forecasts and explanations for departure and arrival airports. Full version gives you in-flight support.


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I prefer ""...which is me! Haha. I'm sure the algorithms are pretty legit but there's just a lot of weird stuff that happens with the data that needs a human touch. Flight paths are a real problem to get. I'll have to try it out again sometime, but last I looked at it it didn't work well for me.

I hope you have a great holiday season!