Newark to Punta Cana & Back - Continental


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June 16th - 8:00am - for the most part the flight was smooth. A short period of mild turbulence occured about 2 hours into the flight.

5 to 10 minutes prior to landing in Punta Cana, an announcement was made in the airplane that our plane was not on the radar in the Punta Cana airport. Something about their system was temporarily down. This announcement would make anyone nervous and I don't know why they bothered even mentioning it since there was nothing we could do. It was not going to cause delay in landing because they said we'd still touch down on schedule. Still, hearing that really freaked me out.

June 22 - returning: boarding was supposed to be at 12:40pm. We didn't board until close to 2pm and no delay announcement was made. Our flight was supposed to take off at 1:15pm and instead we took off at 2:15pm. Again no reason or announcement was made for the delay. Once in the air, the flight was a bit more turbulent than flying down due to some thunderstorms about 2.5 hours into the flight. Then prior to approaching Newark airport, an announcement was made that we were in a holding pattern due to air traffic and we couldn't land so we circled for 20 bumpy minutes.

Frustrating flight overall - why tell us our aircraft was not on the radar flying down and yet flying home, no announcement for the delays. Seems backward to me and I was not a happy passenger.


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Yah, I have never had anything good to say about Continental. I can't think of a single flight with them that I can say that was enjoyable.

Hoping in about 10 years, all the budget 'customer first' airlines are able to put the old monsters out of business. Let's keep our fingers crossed.