OGG - SFO April 20, 2006


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Hello --

Our flight was UA Flight from Maui to San Francisco, leaving at 9:15 PM. As we were preparing to board, the pilot came out into the lounge and told us that it would be "a bit bumpy" on our ascent but that it would smooth out once we got to cruising level, and that our safety was his number one concern.

I turned to my travelling companion and said "uh oh." I've heard that the flight over the Pacific can get rocky, and when the pilot feels the need to reassure us before we board... oy yoy yoy.

But (and I speak as a nervous flyer who HATES roller-coasters), I'm glad he did, because my expectations/fears were much worse than the reality. It was a bit bumpier longer into the flight, but I've flown on planes during Santa Ana winds, and this was more side-to-side than up-and-down.

What constantly shocks me are passengers who GET UP AND WANDER AROUND THE CABIN when the fasten seatbelt sign is on! Come on! Sheesh! I guess some folks think the law of gravity doesn't apply to them.

Anyway, love the site, and to the nervous folks out there (and I am one of them!), you'll be fine. :)