PBI-JFK 9/17/07 JetBlue


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Been on Jetblue over 50 times in the past 7 years and I just love the communication from the flight deck.

Takeoff was great, a few bumps up the coast of Florida until we hit Jacksonville.

Clouds came in, surrounded us, got a little darker and then without warning, some pretty intense "ups and downs" and side to side.

FL was 29,000.

Captain got on right away told the FA to sit down immediately.

He told us that his radar did not show that what we just hit was there.

I love flying so I was not really bothered by it, but the woman next to me grabbed by hand and started to cry.

Told her that we are going to be fine and just try and relax (but you can continue to hold my hand).

Captain came back on a few minutes later and apologized and said that he was sorry and the drinks were on him!