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Hi...I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this website. As I've gotten older, my dislike of flying has increased. After a bumpy flight to Orlando with my children, I decided to do some research to try to gain an understanding of turbulence, why it happens, etc...thinking that with understanding, the bumps won't bother me as bad. I found this website, and I now look at it everyday....Even though I have no scheduled flights anytime soon, I enjoy looking at the maps, the weather, the winds. I noticed today that there was a turbulence of "6" on the clear air turbulence map. Can you describe to me what an incident of turbulence like this would fee like? I guess my fear of flying comes from never knowing what is coming up ahead of me. I have never experienced anything other than what I would call mild to moderate, so I'm curious as to how sever this must have been. Thanks for this great website!!!



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I'm glad you enjoy the site. A 6 is classified as extreme, and keep in mind that these kind of encounters are very rare. That being said, severe is described like this:

Occupants are forced violently against seat belts or shoulder straps. Unsecured objects are tossed about. Food service and walking are impossible.

So, you can imagine that extreme turbulence being a step above this, is not pleasent, but again, it is rare, and as long as you are buckled in, you are safe. Most injuries are due to unbuckled passengers.

I would recommend this site, which has a lot of turbulence information that you are looking for.


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Just remeber that the pilot's want to give you a smooth a ride as possible. They will do all in thier power to avoid such an encounter. They may fly around it or take a more favourable flight level.