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Everything you wanted to know about personalized flight discussions. Please read this before posting, even if you've read the old rules. Updates made 4/23/2012.

Executive Summary

1. Do use a subject line exactly formatted like this: 4/15 3pm FNT-DTW-MCO NWA2102 NWA228 (especially the date part)
2. Do post your request by 5pm Eastern the previous night. (earlier as I do these earlier now)
3. Do NOT post your request more than 2 days ahead of time.
4. Do include your connecting cities and flight time, and optionally the flight number and airline.
5. Do NOT ask us to compare two dates/times.
6. Members who have donated have priority over those who haven't and get more detailed discussions if we have additional information available.
7. Discussions are always a worse case scenario and are frequently not as bad as we say they may be.
8. Discussions are just that, a discussion, and it's no guarantee of flight turbulence.
9. Complaints will get you instantly and permanently banned, with no exceptions. Other rule violations may result in temporary or permanent bans.

We try to respond to every request, but there may be days, announced or not, that we cannot.

More details

Members who donate have their account marked as Platinum Elite. We will always prioritize discussions for Elite members over non-members, and will also provide more information on your flight if it’s available. Any amount donated over $25 will qualify you for this, and repeat donations are always welcome and prioritized. Donations are not a guarantee of future service, they just offset the cost of running the site. That being said, it is our intention to keep the site around for a very long time. Personalized discussions may be discontinued at any time.

You can donate at this link:

Disclaimer: By posting on this forum or visiting this site (be it for a personalized discussion or other reason), you agree to the following: We are not liable for any information posted on this forum and site.

A discussion is just a guess, made by enthusiasts, looking at maps. We don’t have any special skills nor can we help you decide between flights, so don’t ask us which day is better. Think of it as a flight horoscope of sorts (the moon is rising in the house of Mars, and all that).

The best information about turbulence can be had by asking your pilot. Second best would be checking the maps right before you board, or even in flight. Our site works well on mobile, tablets, and of course, your laptop, all from the same URL, and a lot of aircraft now have in flight WiFi. You'll be the best informed person on the airplane besides the pilots! We also have iPhone and iPad apps in the app store, links below. Be sure to tell your seat mates about the site, and have long discussions about the site even if they are wearing headphones. :)

And most importantly, enjoy the gift of flight. Anyone not following these rules may find their threads locked, and/or accounts disabled.

And also, a special thank you to our special contributor b744drvr. Please make sure you welcome him warmly. Please note our philosophy on discussions, as elegantly stated by b744drvr: "these are all predictions; in most cases it isn't that bad. My worst encounters were at places there was no turbulence forecasted at all! At some airlines in the US you can listen to ATC, you can try listening there (if available) so you know what to expect in advance. And finally: turbulence won't kill you, it is only an inconvenience. Hope this helps, take care!"

Also welcome coachrowsey as an additional forecaster.

Also, we're social! Please like us and follow us on:
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