S.E. Asia/Turbulence


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I posted this last night but for some reason it never loaded. So if it's somewhere and I just can't find it sorry!

Anyway my bf and I are scheduled to fly from Dublin to Singapore mid December. Then after that we will be flying to Hong King, Vietnam, Thailand, the areas around S.E. Asia.

Here is the problem, I have travelled on my own for 9 years now, always been fine. Had a bad experience a few years back where the pilot couldn’t land the plane as wind and turbulence so bad, so Y’know people crying and panicked etc. After that I couldn't get on a plane for months but managed to after a while and was fine. However recently I have flown 6 times in the past month and EVERY single flight I have got on has been turbulent. So I am now TERRIFIED of turbulence and flying.

I don't want to miss the trip of a lifetime with my bf but I am now thinking about not going. Can anyone tell me what the chances of experiencing turbulence there and at that time are? Any tips on what I can do to deal with this terror?


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With such a varied flight plan, it's hard to say really what's going to happen. You can check with Turbulence Forecast mobile before each flight.

I will say this though. If it really is a trip of a lifetime (and it certainly sounds like it), why not try to enjoy it? The flights will be a very small percentage of your travel time, and you'll be missing out.

Check out these websites:


I hope you end up going, do you really want to miss out?