Santiago-Barcelona-Helsinki and back


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Everything was almost OK.

-13rd June 2007 SCQ/BCN with just a slight bump on getting into a cloud for landing. BCN/HEL was funny. The plane vibrated n take off, and the engines seemed to stop. Fortunately it was fine. The flight seemed to be fine, since I fall asleep for the whole flight

-17th June 2007. HEL/BCN flew into clouds most of the time, with a moderate turbulence on the Alps. I think it got into a wake turbulent (other plane turbulence). The pilot decided to descend, so things were fine.
BCN/SCQ. BAD. It was rainning and winds gusting 40 km/h. So it was bumpy and flying into dark clouds. In landing, it was funny bouncing and the plane getting a bit drifted to a side. A rough landing and racks opening. NOT AMUSED: