Severe turbulence in the Northeast tonight


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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone has been affected, but there are high winds in the Northeastern part of the US tonight following heavy rain earlier in the afternoon. I came to this site and see there is severe turbulence being reported by flights throughout the Northeast. This is one of those nights that if I were flying, I'd change my flight to avoid being caught in one of those uncomfortable situations such as the one posted from Colorado earlier in the week.

I just happen to live near a major airport so I decided to look out the window from my home to see if it were possible to "see" the planes being affected by turbulence. Interestingly enough, they all looked very stable even as as the trees were being blown sideways and the power lines were rattling around and the windows were whistling. Every 30 seconds or so another flight would start to descend at the same angle and follow the same path. There were only maybe two flights that appeared to deviate a bit off course but just for a few seconds. The wind gusts are only between 30 - 40 mph, so maybe they are not high enough to cause any visible signs of turbulence from the ground, but considering that such a dense band of severe turbulence is being reported it's amazing that flights seem to be flying normally and on time.


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They are hitting the severe rides a bit higher up, so you probably couldn't see from the ground, around 20,000 feet.