Snow fun at all


Lifetime Elite
Arrived at London Heathrow from Newark yesterday into a winter blizzard. Apparently we were the last plane to land before the airport closed due to the weather, narrowly escaping being diverted to Manchester or Amsterdam. However, the fun did not end there: all the stands were apparently occupied, so we taxied to an off-terminal stand some distance away. However, the taxi lines / lights were covered in snow, so we had to wait for a snow plough. And so we waited. And waited. And waited... Clearly London was not quite used to such "extreme" conditions. To his credit, the captain kept us updated on the situation, and (lack of) progress. At one point, he was explaining that if we looked out of the right-hand side, towards where the gentlemen in fluorescent yellow jackets were standing, we could see where we would be parking as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the two gentlemen in fluorescent yellow jackets chose that very moment to begin a snowball fight and then one lay down to make a "snow angel"...!!
Eventually, our "snowplough" arrived - in the form of a single guy kicking the snow with his feet from the taxi lines...
All I can say is that airport authorities should be very proud...