Thanks You Zero Neg.


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Hello Zero Negative,

For the past six months or so I have been checking out your site. I have developed a major fear of flying that has prevented me from traveling through-out the last couple years. It has been rough because my job demands I fly, and I have actually had to switch jobs because it has been that terrifying for me.

My fear started about six years ago on a flight to Hawaii. It was mid December, the first time I had flown in my entire life. We flew through 2 major storms, there must of been a lot of traffic that day heading to Hawaii because max elevation was about 23,000 feet. The ride was so bumpy. Completely terrfiying. I actually was unable to go to the bathroom throughout the whole trip because the fasten seat belt sign on the whole time.

Since that first trip the plane flights I have had have been smooth. But now I just anticipate that were going to have this horrific turbulance whenever I get in a flight. I guess it flashbacks from my first flying experience. Every bump puts me in sheer panic! Three weeks ago I flew through a storm landing in LA. The turbulance felt pretty severe to me but my girlfriend who was traveling with me said that it was nothing!!!!

So now Im really in a panic. Have I never even experienced harsh turbulance????!! Can I go to a flight simulator that could tell me what its like to experience code red severe turbulanbce??? I need to get it out of my system. its driving me nuts!!!! help zero negative!!!

Thansk for listening, i look forward to seeing those blue zero negatives on my next flight. hopefully no red triangles or orange triangles!!!!


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Hello, thanks for registering and posting.

1) You may have stayed at 23,000 because it may have been too rough to go higher (scary thought).
2) I'd say the vast majority of flights will tend to be smooth (or at least tolerable). A lot of time it depends on the time of the year.
3) It's hard to say what kind of turbulence you have experienced. I would use this as a guide. If the flight attendants are up and walking around it's nothing, and if they are seated, it's probably moderate (but still nothing to worry about), and if it's really bad, even they'll be worried.
4) I think the best way to counter your fear and experience some kinds of turbulence and get it out of your system is to take a 'discovery flight' at a local flying school. In a small plane, it'll be easy to experience a range of turbulence and motions. It might be harder and more expensive to ride on a commercial air craft simulator.

If you private message me your location, I can help you locate a flying school for a 'discovery flight' and look into seeing if there is a simulator you can ride in the area.