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I wanted to expand on the forums and make them more useful for travelers. I want to hear all about your trips, be it for business or pleasure. Feel free to post your account on the fun side of your trip. Why did you go where you went? What did you do there? Where did you eat? Where did you stay? Did you like the hotel? Any good photos?


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Asian Trip

Asian Trip

OK, To kick it off. I flew from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco on Alaska B737 then Singapore Airlines to Seoul Korea on B777 then on to Singapore. Slept in the terminal awaiting an AM departure on Silkair (Singapore Airlines subsidiary) Airbus to Kathmandu, Nepal on or about mid October 2008. As I remember it the entire trip was silky smooth. Ditto for the return in Feb 2009. Singapore has wonderful in-terminal hotels to catch up on sleep shower. The Seoul terminal was the most modern, impressive and efficient airport I have ever seen. Four months in Nepal were pretty amazing too.


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