Trip report - RIC to ATL to MEX 08/14


Lifetime Elite
I'm happy to report that my return trip to Mexico was just as pleasant as the first. The flight from Richmond was on Delta on an MD82. Nothing more than very light bumps on that leg. As usual, being a 1 hour flight, not much in the way of food or entertainment, but that's to be expected. We pulled up at one of the B gates which would have been fine except the two teenagers sitting in my row were in no hurry to get out of the plane and I had a connection to make which was leaving from the last gate in E terminal. Needless to say, I hoofed it to the train and ran just in time to get in line inside the airway as the waiting area at the gate was completely empty. Once again, I found myself on a 757 with tv screens in the seat backs. All I can say is, great flight. Once again I had my pick of programming. The flight was only 3 hours long, so kudos to Delta for actually providing this service. I know I've flown with other airlines that didn't even put a movie on. The flight was smooth for the most part except for the 5 minutes while I was standing waiting for one of the bathrooms to free up. This was probably because I was standing at the back of the plane where the bumps are felt more often. All in all though, great service, great flight, and it's great to be home.

As this is my last flight for probably at least another year and a half, I will offer my last opinion on turbulence. I used to be afraid of every little bump. I would wonder what was happening, why the pilot didn't do something to get us out of it, panic becuase I had no control over my own situation. After finding this site and other fear of flying sites linked from this site, I can honestly say that I'm over my fear of the bumps or rough air as Delta calls it. I would probably still grip the arm rests at anything above moderate turbulence, but I'm now convinced that I've never experienced anything more than moderate turbulence. I think I've finally accepted that the plane will not fall out of the sky because of turbulence. Once the pilots get it in the air, I calm down and start trying to occupy my time. I wouldn't say I like flying, but I'm not terrified anymore.