Trip report TXL-FRA-ORD-DEN-SLC on 10/5-10/6


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I didn't get online much while in Germany, so I couldn't request a forecast for this return trip. So, I thought I would just post the report.

TXL-FRA on 10/5 on LH in a AB3 was very smooth. There were some light bumps as we climbed over the low cloud cover, but nothing to really notice.

FRA-ORD on 10/6 on UA in a 772 was very good. We climbed out of some weather in Germany and reached our cruise of FL340 with no bumps. On our cruise over the north Atlantic the seatbelt sign came on a few times due to some light continuous turbulence. None of these incidents lasted more than 10-15 minutes, and I probably slept through more of them. Upon reaching Canada, we climbed to FL380 and then FL400 to go over weather, and the ride was mostly smooth. Our descent into ORD saw a few bumps, but nothing big. Interestingly, from the time we left the European continent until we got to Michigan I never saw the ground. It was one continuous cloud cover over the ocean and land mass.

ORD-DEN on 10/6 on UA in a 772 was very smooth until our descent into DEN. Pilots on approach were reporting wind shear and strong moderate turbulence between 8000 and 7000. It was pretty strong when we hit it and made our 772 heavy bounce around, so I'm sure it would have been stronger in an RJ or a narrow-body.

DEN-SLC on 10/6 on UA in a 733 saw a rough climb out and then a completely smooth flight. During our short 90 minutes in DEN, the frontal system had shifted, resulting in strong winds out of the north. The takeoff roll was pretty rough and you could feel the aircraft swaying from side to side. On our climb between FL190 and FL220 we saw some strong continuous moderate turbulence. The captain had asked the FAs to remain seated until we reached cruise. We sailed over to SLC at FL340 and it was a nice smooth descent and landing.