Up and down for many times


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It was a while ago, in winter, when it was Continental's last season that flied their 767-400ER flying EWR-IAH route (even had 777-200ER in between too, before 767-400. Now they become 767-200.). I forgot the exact date because it was a while ago, but I could still remember it.

It was CO51, from EWR to IAH, an evening flight that many people enjoyed. I would say a 767-400 is damn long, and it was very heavy. Anyway, back to the trip. It was relatively smooth for the first part. In the middle part, turbulence kicked in. The turbulence was so strong that we had to decrease from 31000ft to 26000ft. After the first turbulence, the a/c climbed back to 31000ft, then a few minutes later, we encountered another turbulence. Now, the pilot decreased the altitude again. As before, when we went out of turbulence, we were back to FL310. I didn't say this time was an the last time. We eventually did repeat the same thing for 4 times MORE. The last time we went out of turbulence, we were kept at FL260 because it was about 45 minutes from IAH. Well, I don't understand what the ATC people were doing, but going up and down repeatedly was not that fun though....


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I imagine this wasn't any fun, but the most likely explanation is that there was a lot of traffic at lower altitudes, and it worked out that they needed the plane higher to free up some routing at 26,000.