Weather along North/South flight paths


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My family really wants me to visit over the 4th of July, but I'm noticing that DL 723 and DL2928 (the two flights I'd likely be on) have dealt with weather or even had to go around due to weather in the past few weeks. I certainly don't mind paying a bit extra to book at last minute once I am aware weather conditions will be OK. In your experience, is this something that is usually a deal-breaker for you?

I was on one flight from FLL-IAH several years ago with storms in the gulf and it was pretty intense. Seatbelt sign on the whole time, probably the closest to severe turbulence I ever experienced. My drink was in my hand one moment and all over the ceiling the next. Definitely do not want to experience that again any time soon...

Frontier flies to CVG much earlier, and possibly the early morning air would be more favorable. Just thought i'd post/vent here since it's been on my mind a lot lately. :)


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Hi. This may put me contrary to some of the frequent guests of the board, but I'd probably take the flight no matter what, family is important. I would perhaps cancel if it were evident that the flight would be cancelled or really extensively delayed.

But, have I got the tool for you! I just saw that released a tool:,36.598,-95.098,4

You've got to stick to early morning flights this time of year, that helps out quite a bit.

You would be able to tell a bit if it would get too rowdy.

Thankfully all of my family are less than a 1.5hr car ride. I am blessed


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Thanks for the link :)

That looks like Ventusky but way, way better! I don't mind a 12 hour drive but it usually leaves me devoid of energy the next day and essentially causes me to take more time off. I will say though, the past few times I've flown (in September and Nov of 2018) the flights were amazing and not bad at all. Seems like flying in the fall is the way to go.

I actually don't think I've ever flown in June or July to be honest. Believe me, I wish I could get over my aversion to it, it would make life so much easier. It isn't the heights or anything, just the confined space and my constant worry that we'll blow an engine or two, or lose pressure in the cabin... etc..

I work in IT and I think it'd be amazing to come up with some kind of algorithm that predicts the best days of the year to fly. No doubt the airlines already have that factored in to their ticket prices ;)


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You don't happen to work in PHP/MySQL and full stack development, do you?

Nope, unfortunately not that interesting. I'm only 27 so I mainly support our database admin and web server admin. Hoping to move up into a more complex role at some point.