Wed Jan 30 - MCO to LGW

Hello! I am a VERY nervous flyer (scared to death in turbulence) and usually I am pathetic enough to switch around flights just to try to avoid flying on a day there is bad weather. Tomorrow evening I have a BA flight from Orlando to London Gatwick (leaving around 6:30pm and flying overnight). By checking out the turbulence forecast online, it looks like there are a couple areas of turbulence over the Atlantic that we may encounter? Any good news about the weather during this period could help calm my nerves and help me to relax a little, LOL.


- John


Staff member
It does look like two separate areas of turbulence. I think you'll have two periods of light-moderate. It's just that time of year for it. I wish I had better news.

I have seen that particular flight take of from Orlando International Airport. It is very impressive to see that massive craft take off.