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Hello, you have calmed my nerves over the course of many forecasts over the years. I will be flying again Saturday and I’ll be posting a request but I have a question first.

I had booked a first class flight from EWR to BNA on an airbus. United Airlines just changed the aircraft on way there to an Embraer 145. 2 by 1 configuration.

I’m in a panic. I am 6’6, 280. I’ve read the inside height is 5’9. Can you please tell me if the seats would even fit me? If the person in front puts their seat back would they even be able to?

In terms of turbulence is there a big difference? Are there any laws preventing an airline from switching planes like this!!! First class in an airbus to economy in a 145 isn’t fair. Nor is life, I know. But I have terrible anxiety. Any suggestions?

Thank you
Arnold here, just joined the Turbulence forum.I like flying a lot but have not had the chance to go on a longer trip yet.I have plans of going to Europe and also to Australia when I have the money for it.In the mean time I can always make great plans and focus on my blogs.I have a few blogs about totally unrelated things like fireplaces and toilets that I work on.
Flight went pretty much as you said. Bumps re:everyone to stay seated happened about an hour outside of Phoenix. It was overall a pleasant flight, and a very unbumpy takeoff. Thanks,